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Healthy During the Holidays

Posted by Gabriella Cafaro on Nov 30, 2016 10:44:06 AM

During the holidays it can be hard to stay on a healthy track, especially while working in an office. In an environment that could lead to high stress, and when treats are being sent in almost every day, it is easy to delve into unhealthy habits. Read below to learn some tips on how to combat temptations, and not feel so guilty when you do fall to temptation.

Bring your own snacks

Going to the grocery store after work or on the weekends isn’t everyone’s favorite activity, but it will help with planning to have healthier snacks available. Baby carrots are a good snack to have around, because they answer the craving for something crunchy and they are good for you. Another office favorite is apples and peanut butter. The apples are sweet, yet crunchy and the peanut butter adds just enough saltiness to make the perfect sweet and salty snack.  

Don’t fill your water all the way

I know every blog will disagree but I have my reasons. Not filling your water bottle all the way to the top every time forces you to get up and walk to the water cooler more often. Getting up and stretching your legs, even if it is just for a minute, is good for you.  

Take “Brain Breaks” or walks around the block or office

Although it is cooler outside and is not as inviting to just go out for a stroll, it’s important to keep your blood moving through your body and give yourself a chance to “recharge”. The holidays can be stressful enough without the stress of end of the year work to do, so making sure you take a 5-10-minute break every few hours will help you stay focused and motivated to get the job done.

Bring your gym bag to work or leave it in your car

When you bring your gym bag to work or leave it packed in your car, you will feel more inclined to go to the gym. The problem with people saying they are going to go to the gym after work, is that they go home, sit down and relax and then don’t want to leave. If you bring your gym clothes with you to work, you will be more likely to go to the gym since you have everything you need. 

Do exercises and stretches at your desk

There are several exercises or stretches you can accomplish while sitting at your desk. If you just google “workouts at desk” a plethora of options comes up. Just taking a minute to stretch as well, will help with blood flow and give you a “brain break” from the work. Try some of the moves on the info graphic below and you will already start feeling better.


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