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Commercial Lending Pre-qualification at GSG Financial

Tired of dealing with the hassle of calling on your prospects and offering them your service, only to realize they don’t qualify for leasing? It’s one of the annoying and time wasting activities that you can’t afford these days. Here at GSG Financial we understand that all too well - and we want to help.

As a vendor, we can help you pre-qualify your business prospects before you ever pick up a phone. Our prescreen process makes it incredibly easy to select, assess, and qualify your potential clients – saving you time and helping you sell more - faster. If you service any of our commercial leasing markets, including:

  • Copy, print and mailing
  • Industrial equipment
  • IT and Software

Or any other essential-use business equipment, let us pre-qualify your clients today! 

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GSG offers service as a courtesy to trusted vendor partners and salespeople. This pre-qualification is subject to formal approval once you tell us to proceed. GSG will not contact any end-user we pre-qualify on your behalf.